Half Marathon Training Plan A-Z

By | September 23, 2013

A half marathon training plan is great for anyone who takes running seriously. There are plans for runners who are just beginning their journey and also for runners who have been running for a long time. The plans are not expensive at all, and all of the teaching can be used for present and future races. The plans also come with emails which keep the runner on track as far as how many times a day they must run. It also comes with many videos that show different exercises and how to become a better runner.

The starter plan, called first timers, is a plan that is designed for ten weeks. Each week the runner must complete a total of twenty four miles. The plan has a day by day function for the runner to get into shape. The racer will start out by running five to seven miles within the course of the week. Going into the third week the racer will almost be hitting twelve miles a week, and this is considered achieving greatness in the world of an athlete. Twelve miles a week shows that a person is taking the upcoming race seriously and they want to do whatever they must to compete with everyone else.

The next plan, beginners, is designed for people who have had three to five months experience running before they sign up. This half marathon training plan is equipped with all of the same benefits the first timer plan comes with, and it is also the same price. The distance of running is what changes, and the plan is also fourteen weeks instead of ten. The racer must run between five and ten more miles a week than those who are on the first timer plan. This beginner plan also comes with a great diet designed for the runner to be very healthy when the race is ready to begin.

After this, the next level is the intermediate level, advanced runners, and it is also the same price as the others and includes all of the necessary benefits like emails, workout videos, and help with a healthy diet. This plan is also ten weeks, but the miles per week is almost forty miles; This plan is for runners who have succeeded in the prior two plans that have been previously mentioned. Most racers go through each plan consecutively and the results are very successful.

A basic half marathon training plan is very easy to find, and they do not cost much at all. Any runner who is serious about becoming successful is present or future races will find it extremely helpful to participate in one or all of the plans that have been mentioned. There are also many other plans that are produced by great runners in the world. Any racer can even find books, articles, and even motivational videos on the subject. This is a great way for someone to have a personal trainer who does not presently have a personal trainer.

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